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What Our Clients Say

Wonderful people, great facials focused on skin care to improve health and vitality. I consider facials as necessary vs an occasional ‘treat’ and skin deep is my partner in helping me put my best foot forward.

Jeanine L
July 8, 2017

There is not, has not been a time I have gone to Skin Deep, years that I have not enjoyed, learned and been thrilled with my experience! Debbie and her “team” have always been pleasant and helpful, Debbie is a huge resource of multiple areas outside of her wealth of knowledge on skincare! Love Debbie and Skin Deep!

Leslie L
July 11, 2017

It was lovely! The space is beautiful, the people professional and the experience very relaxing. Got a great compliment on my skin the next day.

Celina T
July 23, 2017

It was my first experience to a facial skin care and I had trouble with my face for couple years so I finally decided to go and get it taken care of. I found skin care on Yelp called and made appointment the next day. I was not sure how it worked since this was my first ever facial treatment. I must say I’m very impressed by the service and the treatment, everything went very smooth Hannah was outstanding and very helpful throughout the process she explained everything step by step and before I know it, I was very comfortable and calm. And I’m extremely happy with the results! I will recommend it for anyone with facial condition.

Sam G
October 26, 2017

It was a good experience. Liz walked me through all of the products she used on me. She also suggested products that might be good for my daily regimen and provided samples with a complimentary follow-up to see how the samples work. Thank you Liz!

Danielle C
January 2, 2018

The staff was friendly, professional and efficient. I was also impressed with the electronics backup for gift certificates. I was given a gift certificate for my Birthday almost a year ago and the employee that assisted me was able to find the information in a matter of seconds. I am in the hospitality industry and I can assure you branded hotels do not have this type of backup for gift certificates. Awesome job for an independent operator!

Veronica S
January 6, 2018
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FREE shipping on orders over $99!