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Acne: Prevention Before Reaction

Acne: Prevention Before Reaction

One of the most worrisome and prevalent skin problems that many people suffer from at some point in their lives is acne, whether blackheads, whiteheads or blemishes.  

Acne is caused by many factors. One factor is heredity. The interaction of an individual’s genetic background and their environment combine to determine if someone develops acne. Where acne has a hereditary component, it is not completely a genetic disease. However, if acne does run in your family, you will want to treat for it sooner rather than later. It’s easier to get breakouts under control when they are relatively mild rather than waiting until acne is stubbornly inflamed before starting treatment. Prevent before you have to react.  

Also, those who suffer from acne have a higher amount of bacteria located inside their pores. These bacteria cannot withstand oxygen, so exfoliation becomes very important to continually kill the bacteria.  

Inflammation is another factor in the development of acne. It causes a chain reaction of redness, swelling and irritation that will damage the skin and potentially result in scarring. Picking at blemishes can lead to scarring as well.   

The good news is that acne is treatable. At Skin Deep we often treat acne-prone skin with facial treatments and products that purify pores, reduce congestion, and control shine. We work with you to combat acne by developing a personalized skin care program to bring your acne under control. We want to know what your experience with acne has been, and what are you currently doing to treat your acne. Together, we will create a program combining facial treatments and an easy affordable home care program that will result in beautiful skin! 

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