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Benefits of a Professional Facial

Benefits Of A Professional Facial

Most people think of professional facials as a luxury service. Sure, we admit that they’re relaxing, smell fantastic and feel absolutely divine. However, professional facials are also good for you. They promote healthy circulation to the face, neck and scalp, they drain toxins into the lymph system where they are eliminated, they treat a myriad of underlying skin conditions and they allow us to analyze your skin type so you use skin care products that are good for you – rather than detrimental. 

Benefits of Professional Facials 

Facials are designed to improve the way you look, but they do that by creating healthier skin.  Facials yield actual health benefits that show up in a glowing, younger and rejuvenated countenance.

Here are some of the ways a facial from a licensed aesthetician can benefit you: 

In-depth skin analysis and consultation with a skincare expert 

First, we’ll talk to you about the products you use and any concerns you have about your face. If this is your first time, you’ll fill out forms that obtain even more detailed information. We use this as a guide when performing our in-depth skin analysis. Once you’re on the table, and we’ve gently cleansed your skin, we’ll begin the skin analysis. 

To do this, we take a very up-close look at your face using special lighting and a large magnifying lamp (mag-lamp). This allows us to see your skin in a whole different way. Under that lamp and its magnifying lens, we can see: 

  • Whether your skin is oily or dry 
  • Whether skin has a healthy layer of natural oil or whether it’s irritated or inflamed as a result of the wrong products, or over exfoliation 
  • If you exfoliate at all, just enough or too much 
  • Clogged pores, black heads, white heads and larger sebaceous cysts – common to those with acne 
  • Fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Sun spots or areas of concern 
  • Blemishes 
  • Miniscule rashes or areas of irritation 
  • Red or highly-sensitive skin 

    This tells us about what you really need during your facial, as well as which changes (if any) need to be made to your current, daily skincare routine. 

    Extractions if/when necessary 

    Extractions of clogged pores do a world of good. First, they remove clogged pores of old oil, dead skin cells, dirt and chemical build-up. After extractions your skin will have a more smooth and uniform look. 

    Extracting congestion in pores can prevent blackheads and white heads, as well as minimize acne flare-ups. 

    Personalized treatment(s) for specific skin issues 

    A facial may be part of routine skincare maintenance or a chance to learn which products will work best at a particular stage of life. The products you used as a teenager or adolescent will be much different than the ones you should use as a young adult, when you’re pregnant, in middle-age or after menopause. 

    However, many clients come to us because an existing skin condition is irritating, painful, or the cause of embarrassment. For this, we use clinical facials, which go a step further than general facials in order to identify, diagnose and treat specific issues. The most common skin issues that bring individuals into our spa are acne, rosacea, excessive wrinkles, unexplained rashes or rough spots and hyperpigmentation (where certain areas of the face are lighter or darker than the rest). 

    In this case, expert analysis and a customized treatment plan can significantly diminish or eliminate the signs and symptoms of the condition, and arm you with the treatments and/or products that will keep skin healthy and in check. If acne is an issue, professional facials help to minimize or prevent permanent acne scarring. 

    Anti-aging benefits 

    Our facial skin is the product of genetics, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors. While we can’t do anything about genetics, we can certainly help you manage and buffer your lifestyle and environmental factors. When you use a regular skin care routine of products designed for your skin type, eat well, exercise and take care of yourself, routine facials will help your skin look smoother, brighter and younger. 

    Your facial includes a massage of your scalp, face and neck, which stimulates the lymph glands and increases circulation. Together, this moves unwanted and damaging toxins out, while bringing an invigorated blood supply to refresh skin cells. 

    Proactive skin care 

    In addition to treatments that will lessen or eliminate skin-related pigmentation issues – like sun spots – we keep an eye on all changes on the skin.   While sunscreen and a hat are your best means of protection, proactive treatments can ensure skin is regularly monitored and taken care of. 

    Facials should be a routine part of anybody’s health plan for holistic well-being. Interested in scheduling your first professional facial with a licensed aesthetician? Contact us here at Skin Deep. We look forward to helping you put your best and healthiest face forward.

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