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Cleansing! How Hard Can It Be?

Cleansing! How Hard Can It Be?

You lather up, splash with water, rub with a towel, done. Turns out you could actually improve your skin while you are at it. The more effective you are at removing all the sweat, dirt, bacteria and makeup on your skin, the better all the products you put on top will work. Here are some tips from face-washing boot camp. 

First, remove your makeup before cleansing. Most regular cleansers alone will not sufficiently dissolve sunblock and waterproof makeup, especially around the eyes. Use an eye makeup remover for eyes being careful not to tug or rub your skin. Try Glo Therapeutics Essential Cleansing Oil on your face. It is a soothing, soap-free fluid. Double cleansing with your regular cleanser works too. To double cleanse, all you have to do is wash, rinse and repeat. 

Next, apply your cleanser on damp skin, then glide your fingertips over your face for one to two minutes to thoroughly remove dirt and oil. Rinse with lukewarm water, then pat – not rub – dry with a clean dry towel. The foregoing is the most typical method but you should always follow the directions on the product label. To take your cleansing routine to the next level, invest in a facial device. Skin Deep recommends Clarisonic. Their systems are highly effective at removing makeup and exfoliating dead cells in a gentle way. Do resist the temptation to use a grainy scrub along with your Clarisonic; that combination is too harsh.  

Finally, apply your night time treatment and correction products while skin is still damp and pores are open. However, prescription strength retinoid treatments should be applied on dry skin to prevent irritation. Skin Deep recommends cleansing your skin morning and night.  

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