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Communication is Key

Communication Is Key

Communicating with our clients is the most important part of Skin Deep’s job. We know our clients are bombarded with misinformation about products and treatments on television, in magazines, and on the Internet. Clients often research treatments and products they are interested in on the Internet, but do not always get enough accurate information.

When clients call with questions, they want to talk with skin care professionals who are experts in their respective fields. At Skin Deep, communication begins the moment a client calls. All of our staff is knowledgeable and can answer your questions. Once a client makes an appointment, the initial consultation is the best way to learn about the health benefits of our skin care services. We continue to educate our clients during every treatment and encourage follow up appointments to foster a collaboration that will ultimately produce fabulous skin.

So what are the steps we take to learn about our clients in order to provide optimal skin care treatments?

Initial consultation: We ask our new clients to bring the skin care products they are currently using so we can evaluate their effectiveness. Our clients also complete a health questionnaire. The forms may seem daunting but are necessary to determine the right product and/or treatment best suited for the individual’s need. Together, our staff and the client can discuss medications, and health concerns that may be contraindicated with certain treatments. We actively listen to our clients and ask open-ended questions to help the client provide more specific information. During this initial consultation, we also ask lifestyle questions such as employment, hobbies, and skin care habits. These questions may shine light on behaviors that are detrimental to your skin: stress levels, sports helmets, dirty make up brushes are all culprits to healthy skin.  

Samples: Outside of the treatment room, we continue the education process by offering samples of products we believe will improve the health of the individual’s skin. Written instructions accompany the samples. This allows the client the opportunity to touch and feel the products and insure there is no adverse reaction before making a financial commitment. We provide professional literature on our products so the client receives valuable and proven information about what they are putting on their skin.  

Records & Extras: We keep meticulous records on the treatments and the samples you receive so we can continuously evaluate your skin’s progress. We offer loyalty and referral programs and monthly specials to our valued clientele. We often host special events with our providers giving our clients the opportunity to meet and learn from these top-notch professionals.  

Website: Finally, we maintain an active website which allows clients to book appointments on-line. We encourage all our clients to communicate with us online or by telephone to maintain contact and address any issues as they arise. Skin Deep has a webstore to conveniently and easily purchase all your favorite products, with free shipping on orders over $50.  

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