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Do You Have Sensitive Skin?

Do You Have Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is less of a skin type and more of a condition. Most of us have sensitized our skin through environmental factors or over exposure of products and treatments. Additional factors that can contribute to sensitive skin are aging, hormones, ingredient allergies, illnesses, medications and environmental conditions.  

Aging skin is thinner and may be vulnerable to sensitivities due to aggressive treatments and products. You may need to choose treatments and home care products that are gentler to avoid causing inflammation and rashes. 

Health-challenged skin may benefit from treatments and products with gentle, hydrating and protective ingredients. Medications may also make the skin sensitive to sunlight and prone to sunburn.   

In the past, fragrance and spas went hand-in-hand. But with fragrance allergies on the rise, Skin Deep offers many suitable and effective fragrance-free products from ObagiSkinCeuticals and our own line of skin care products. Our makeup line, gloMinerals, is a gentle mineral makeup that will leave your sensitive skin even-looking and healthy.   

At Skin Deep we are sensitive to your skin needs. Our philosophy is “do no harm.”  We provide the appropriate treatment and coordinate a home care program to nurture your skin. We would love to customize a skin care plan for you.

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