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Expert Tips – Selecting The Perfect Blush

Expert Tips – Selecting The Perfect Blush

Selecting a pretty blush shade is simple. Finding the one that best fits your skin tone, skin type and face shape and then applying it flawlessly can be a bit more difficult. Skin Deep shares our secrets for selecting and applying the perfect blush for you. 

Skin tone 

Not everyone has the same skin tone so follow these tips and picks for the best blush for your individual skin tone. 

  • Golden Undertones: Pinks and reds will brighten your complexion and add a nice pop of color to your overall look.  
  • Natural Undertones: You can pull off any shade! Go for whatever suits your fancy on any given day.  
  • Pink Undertones: Stick with peach, terra cotta or mocha colors to help minimize redness in your skin.  
  • Darker Complexions: For a breathtaking pinch of color to light up the face use a dusty rose with a subtle shimmer. 

Skin type: 

For the most natural-looking blush application, be sure to know your skin’s texture. 

  • Dry Skin: Stick with a cream blush formula.   
  • Oily Skin: Go with a powder formula.  

Face Shape: 

Blush should be applied differently for each face shape to achieve the most flattering, natural look. 

  • Round: Keep the blush color on your cheek bones and pull it up and out to the temple. This will help elongate the face. You can also add a bit of bronze to the hollows of your cheeks and under your jaw line to provide definition. 
  • Heart: Apply blush right below the apple and blend up and out to accentuate bone structure and help square out the face. 
  • Long/Oval: Keep the blush color focused right beneath the apple without pulling out to the temple. This will add dimension giving the appearance that the face has more roundness to it. 
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