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Looking Fabulous Over 40 & Beyond


I believe that beauty is ageless and that no matter what your number is, it’s the way you carry yourself that keeps you looking beautiful! Here are some must-do tricks and some must-never-do-again tips that will keep you looking amazing so you can carry yourself with beautiful pride into the future.

Must-Do Tricks

Choose a hydrating liquid foundation. A great foundation is absolutely key as we mature because our skin becomes discolored from things like rosacea, sunspots and blotchiness. Applying a liquid foundation will smooth out the appearance of the skin, restoring dewiness and taking years off your look

Switch to cream blush. Most powder blushes can start to look dry and chalky on skin that is older, so using cream blush on the apples of your cheeks creates a moist, natural, flushed effect. It will brighten the face for a more youthful look. The best way to apply a cream blush is by tapping it high on your cheeks using your pointer and middle finger. If you feel you have applied too much, simply buff it down with a non-latex sponge.

Fill in your eyebrows. Brows begin to become sparse over time. Nothing says age like thin anorexic looking eyebrows. Don’t over pluck so they stay looking full and healthy. If they have begun to thin a bit over time, try a brow growth serum to restore them. If they just won’t grow back, a good brow pencil is the best way to bring them back to life. Choose one with a super fine tip so the color feathers on and looks natural.

Thicken up your lash line. You want to define your eyes during the day without
making them look overdone. Choose a chocolate brown eyeliner pencil that is waterproof so it won’t run. Apply along the roots of the eyelashes in small connecting dashes, and smooth over with a Q-Tip or an angle brush for a softer effect. Finish with a coat of black smudge-free mascara on the top lashes.

Say no to powder foundations. Powder foundation will weigh heavy on older skin, showing off fine lines and wrinkles much more than a hydrating liquid foundation. Stay away from any powders that are highly pigmented if you want to look fresh.

Stop using dark matte lipsticks. As we age our lips tend to get a bit smaller. Dark matte lipsticks will make your lips recede, so don’t help that issue along. Instead, choose moist matte or lightly luminous lip colors in lighter and brighter shades that will enhance your natural lip shape and show off your gorgeous smile.

Stay away from opaque dark eye shadows and liquid eyeliners. Dark opaque eye shadows tend to make eyes look smaller. Liquid eyeliners can look messy and not stay exact on the delicate skin around the eye, which is not as firm as it once was. Instead, use neutral colored sheer eye shadows to define eyes, and switch to eyeliners in pencil, powder, or gel form for a more blended softer look that stays put.

Ban glitter and frost from your life. Super shimmery glitter and frost in any of your makeup products from lip colors to bronzers will work against you now. Those chunky shimmery particles will only settle into fine lines and wrinkles making them more noticeable. That does not mean you must steer clear of all radiant, glowing products. Instead, opt for pearlescent finishes that will highlight the skin, bouncing light off of it, making it look more polished.

No more waterproof mascara. We lose lashes as we age. Waterproof mascara can be very harsh to our flirty fringe when we take it off at night. It can cause us to lose even more lashes, which is not a good thing. To avoid smudging and flaking, go for the new tube technology mascaras that never smear, yet wash off gently and easily at night.

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