About Us

In business since 1997 Skin Deep’s focus is always about our client’s skin. Our treatments and skin care regimens are developed with your skin care concerns in mind. Our promise is to improve skin health backed by advanced skincare and science.

Our products and treatments are of the highest quality with outstanding results. Our clientele relies on us to inform them of the latest in advanced skin care explaining what works for them and why. We carry Obagi Medical, SkinCeuticals, glo-minerals Mineral Makeup, our own private label line called Skin Deep, Clarisonic, Regenica, Latisse, NeuLash/NeuBrow and PFB Vanish. Our focus is on acne, anti-aging, hyperpigmentation (discoloration), and rosacea (redness).

Every treatment is customized to what is currently happening with your skin while looking forward to what is the ultimate goal for you. We start all of our client consultations with a thorough health history, examining all aspects of what would be necessary to achieve ideal results.  

Our location is convenient with private one on one attention.  Our treatments and spa are very relaxing and beautiful.  We have trained internationally and domestically with the best in clinical and spa esthetics.  

Skin Deep believes our primary goal is to guide our clients toward achieving healthy, flawless skin. Skin care products and treatments can be complex and when used properly achieve amazing results. Let us be your guide to flawless skin.

Meet Our Staff

Deborah Spalla


Elizabeth Rios


Sara Sotomayor

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What Our Clients Say

My skin feels incredibly clean and soft. I like that Debbie had a plan on what she wanted to do today and long term! I also appreciate that she gave samples vs trying to sell product. Great massage too!


My daughter and I went in for a custom facial with Hannah. First time there and I haven't had a facial in a long time. 1 hour and 15 minutes with a wonderful shoulder massage while I had a mask on. The care and time she took with me were outstanding!.


Had my 2nd FACIAL EVER...and THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!!..Debbie...or should I say Dr. Debbie is the best.....now at 60 I finally realized I better get started...as Dr. Debbie said its better late than never!!.


Great staff !! I've gone once for a facial and I am looking forward to my second one. Debbie is easy to warm up to and Holly has just the greatest personality. I felt really "clean" after my Obagi facial. Debbie really went in there and got everything out. So fresh and so clean!



Why see an aesthetician?

Good skin care is all about PPC: prevent, protect, and correct. Our job is to educate our clients in how to prevent damage from occurring, protect your skin, and help correct any damage that has occurred. Skin Deep is your partner in developing your best skin.

What can I expect from a skin care treatment?
What is your approach to skin care?
Will I need to buy all new skin care products?
What makes a skin care session with you unique?
I have sun damage, adult acne, hypersensitive, or Rosacea. Can you treat those problems?
Do you see men as well as women?
What are the benefits of good skin care?


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