Eyelash extensions are designed to offer a temporary, eye enhancing look. Skill and precision are required to apply a set, and once on, they make the eyes pop, without the need for any mascara. The lashes are so natural looking that it is difficult to tell, even up close, that you have extensions on. Lash length, diameter, and curl ranges so that your look can be completely customized. They are attached to your individual lashes (not the skin) using top-quality, formaldehyde free adhesive.

Factors such as speed of lash growth, lifestyle, and general aftercare will affect how long the extensions last. As your natural lashes fall out following this growth cycle, you will need to come in for fills. You may find yourself needing to come back for a fill every 2 weeks. As you become accustomed to wearing/caring for your eyelash extensions, the time between fills can be extended to 3-4 weeks. Anything beyond 4 weeks will be considered a new full set. 

$200 full set
$75 fills - 2 1/2 weeks and less
$95 fills - between 2 1/2 and 4 weeks

Anything beyond 4 weeks is considered a new set.

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