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Ready to Become a Depilatory Waxing Convert?

Ready To Become A Depilatory Waxing Convert?

Are you thinking about trading in your razor for a professional depilatory waxing session? While the initial removing of the waxing strip may create a bigger zing, you’ll find that temporary discomfort is well-worth the cleaner, smoother and longer-lasting effects compared with shaving or plucking. 

What Is Depilatory Waxing? 

The process of depilatory waxing – or waxing – uses the combination of warm, melted wax, a cloth waxing strip and air cooling to remove unwanted hair at its roots. In addition to providing a smoother and more permanent hair removal option, waxing also means that new hair growth will be softer and more supple than the blunt-ended stubble that grows back immediately after shaving. 

Waxing can be used to remove hair from virtually any part of the body, but is most popularly used for: 

  • Shapely eyebrows 
  • Hair above the upper lip or elsewhere on the face 
  • Under the arms 
  • Legs (options include half-leg or full) 
  • Bikini lines 
  • Brazilian waxing (which removes all or most of the hair from the front of the bikini line all the way to the backside) 
  • The back 
  • Hands or feet 
  • Manscape 
  • Customized waxing to meet your needs and preferences 

Depilatory waxing should only be performed by a licensed esthetician, in a professional and sanitary environment. This is the best way to ensure attractive and desirable results, with minimal in-grown hairs or negative side effects. 

How To Prepare For Your Waxing Session 

While there are few set rules for “what to do before waxing,” there are some basic recommendations that will enhance your comfort and take your esthetician into consideration. 

Let It Grow…A Little 

In order for waxing to work, the wax needs enough hair to grip – about ¼-inch is ideal. However, much more than that can prevent the wax from adhering properly and/or can cause increased discomfort. For most bikini lines, legs and underarms, about two to three weeks of growth is recommended. Women should allow facial hair and brows to grow full-length, if possible. 

Stop Using Retin-A  

Retin-A, acutane and certain other skin-specific treatment products leave skin vulnerable to injury during waxing. Let the salon know everything you use on your skin (particularly if you’ve had dermabrasion, use RetinA-based products, etc.) in case special instructions are in order. 

Arrive With A Clean Body 

Waxing removes the outer, dead layers of skin along with your hair at its roots. A clean surface minimizes the chances of harmful bacteria making its way into your freshly opened pores. While you don’t have to shower or bathe immediately prior to your appointment, it is recommended that you have showered within 12-hours of your appointment for optimal benefit. Do exfoliate for the two or three days prior but then skip it the day before and the day of to prevent excess skin sensitivity. 

Also keep in mind that waxing typically takes place in small, private rooms and involves close proximity between you and your esthetician. A cleaner, fresher and better smelling you will make for a happier esthetician. 

You May Benefit From Anti-Inflammatory And Pain-Relievers 

Everyone’s discomfort thresholds are different, but we find most clients benefit from taking an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever at about an hour prior to their appointment. This minimizes discomfort as the waxing strip is removed and also minimizes post-session irritation and/or discomfort. 

You May Need To Leave Modesty Aside For A Moment 

If you’re coming in for a bikini wax – and specifically for a Brazilian – it might feel a little awkward at first since we’ll be getting pretty up close and personal with the more private parts of the anatomy. Keep in mind that we do this for a living and there isn’t anything we haven’t seen – and we use the ultimate discretion, privacy and confidentiality with all of our clients. 

If you’re having a bikini wax, you can probably leave your underwear in place, although you may need to move it slightly to one side and then the other for a cleaner look. If you’re coming in for a Brazilian, we’ll ask you to remove your underwear completely (your top can remain in place. You’ll have to open one leg at a time and will probably be asked to spread and hold your cheeks for us to access the backside. 

Again, we use the utmost discretion and while you may feel self-conscious the first time or two, you’ll develop a trusting relationship with your esthetician and subsequent sessions will be easier and easier. 

Your esthetician will provide you with other tips and specifics to make the most out of your depilatory waxing session and to minimize or eliminate post-waxing issues such as redness, irritation, inflammation or ingrown hairs. 

Contact Skin Deep to schedule a waxing appointment and you’ll benefit from skin care professionals who know what they’re doing, have ultimate respect for your body and the experience, and will personalize your treatments to your skin type and preferences. 

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