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Deborah Spalla

Owner / Aesthetician

I started Skin Deep in 1997 with the simple mission to improve skin health. It is wonderful to work with people to make them look and feel their best. I work with each client individually to ascertain what their skin care goals are. Our consultation process is extensive. My focus is to create a skin care regimen that complements our client’s lifestyle and skin care goals. My work with my clients is very collaborative and although we provide a wonderful relaxing environment, we are always mindful of our client’s skin care ideal. I approach skin care holistically; I treat the skin, but look at the whole person – from diet and health to exercise – because skin care products can affect not only your appearance, but also your overall health. Clients trust me to solve even the most complex skin care issues. That’s why you need a licensed aesthetician, one which can decode an ingredients list and figure out which products are best for your particular skin.

It is my job to stay at the forefront of any and all new breakthroughs in skin care. I have done extensive training globally. I am a certified expert in Obagi Medical. I have trained extensively with SkinCeuticals, and many more. My clientele relies on me to inform them of the latest quality skin care, explaining what works and why. If you want a good relationship with your skin, you need a great aesthetician!


Liz Rios


Helping others feel happy and confident has always been my passion. As I stepped into the real world after high school, I realized skin care and that passion went hand and hand. I started an esthetician study program two months after graduating and immediately knew it was what I was meant to do in life.

Getting to know my clients, their concerns, and helping them achieve their goals is what makes me love my career. My main goal is to have my clients look and feel their best. This drives me to continue learning through classes, webinars, and reading as much as possible to expand my education and knowledge. The skincare and beauty industry is ever changing so there is always something new to learn.

The science behind the products, ingredients, and our skin is what interests me the most. As I work with clients, we learn together, work together and do whatever possible and suitable to achieve their skin health goals. It is a partnership between esthetician and client. I don’t want to make you feel good only after a treatment, but also every day of your life. We will work together to set up a daily regimen individualized for your needs and goals. I will educate you on everything you need to know to have the greatest success. Understanding your skin and which products are best for you is very important. I am here to help you gain that knowledge. Bottom line, when my client is happy and feels good, I do too.

Sara Sotomayor

Office Manager

When you walk though our door, I am the face that meets and greets each client. I have been with Skin Deep for over 3 years, and consider myself well-informed on all of our skin care products, from Clarisonic & Obagi to SkinCeuticals. If a client has a question or concern, I know I can point them in the right direction without hesitation. Our aestheticians have taught me a great deal about skin care and what products are beneficial for all skin types. I am certified in both Obagi and SkinCeuticals and am always looking for ways to widen my skin care awareness and education. All of us at Skin Deep stay on top of the latest trends in both medicine and skincare, and in turn are able to share this wealth of knowledge with our client base.

As the office manager, I work with each aesthetician directly when it comes to their schedule. Together we make sure each client is seen at the appropriate time and all necessary paperwork is filled out. I enjoy talking to all our clients about their experiences with their customized skin care system and getting their feed-back. It helps me be a better liaison between the client and the aesthetician. I truly enjoy my job!

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