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Toners 101

Toners 101

So, what exactly is a toner and what does it do? A toner is a type of solution that effectively works to eliminate excess oil and remaining dirt in your pores that your everyday cleanser may not have washed away. Toners also restore the skin’s natural pH balance so the skin has just the right amount of oil to protect it without causing blockage. Ultimately, toners can reduce acne and prevent future breakouts. And they leave the skin feeling fresh and clean and make their pores appear tighter.  

Look for a toner that contains a refreshing blend of natural skin calming ingredients that hydrate and soothe your skin, like aloe vera, witch hazel, and sage. Skin Deep offers several toners containing these ingredients that will remove any remaining makeup residue and oils that sit in your pores. And it will leave you with a clean complexion.  

Toners are applied with a cotton pad after cleansing (cotton balls and tissues absorb too much toner and can be wasteful). Swipe the toner across your forehead and nose, then gently brush on your cheeks and other areas of your face. Don’t rinse the toner off, instead let it air dry. You will love how refreshed your skin feels afterwards!

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