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What is a Cryotherapy Facial?

What Is A Cryotherapy Facial?

Cryotherapy facials happen to be one of our favorite skin care treatments. Exposure to extremely cold
temperatures can do amazing things for the body and its largest organ, the skin. Just as hot steam opens
the pores and detoxifies the skin, application of a carbon dioxide sphere can have dramatic results when
performed by a licensed aesthetician.

To be clear, cryotherapy facials are not the same as full, cryotherapy tank treatments. Cryo-facials are
isolated to the face and neck – while the rest of the body remains comfortably warm and tucked in on
the aesthetician’s table or a reclining chair.

How Do Cryotherapy Facials and Skin Treatments Heal the Skin?
Cryotherapy is really a “freezing” therapy, which exposes the skin to ultra-cold temperatures. When the
smaller capillaries and veins in the dermal layers “feel” the freezing of the carbon dioxide they
immediately constrict. This is called vasoconstriction. It’s a “survival” response designed to protect the
core and vital organs when exposed to extreme, cold weather conditions. In this case, however, the
exposure to “extreme temperatures,” is very brief.

Once the skin is exposed to warm, room temperature air again, those same micro-vessels expand or
dilate, allowing blood to rush through them. When circulation is restored in a rush, it flushes toxins and
other impurities away from the skin. Additionally, this acceleration of circulation within the skin layers
oxygenates the cells, yielding a rejuvenating effect.

All the while, via repeatedly cold blasts of air, your skin is exfoliated, which has immediately visible

Other Benefits of Cryo-Facials Include:
● Wrinkle reduction via collagen boosting. That’s right, studies show that cryotherapy stimulates
collagen production. The more collagen your skin produces, the more elasticity it maintains,
which reduces wrinkles and helps you look younger.
● Reduces pigmentation and/or uneven skin tone. The same collagen-boosting effects that
minimize small wrinkles also helps even skin tone.
● Gives clients a more glowing, radiant look. This is primarily the result of the thorough
exfoliation effects, which uncovers newer skin layers underneath.
● Soothes inflammation. Inflammation is the underlying and/or exacerbating cause of multiple
conditions that affect the skin, including things like acne and rosacea. Just as ice packs and baths
eliminate swelling and inflammation due to injuries, cryo-facials reduce inflammation in the skin
layers of the targeted area.
● Lightening scars left from acne. Cryo-facials are a gentle alternative to some of the typical, more
intense treatments for acne scars, such as microdermabrasion. In multiple sessions, the
continuous exfoliation helps to minimize or lighten acne scars so they are less visible.

Who is a Good Candidate for Cryotherapy Facials?
For the most part, we’d advocate that cryotherapy is good for everyone. It’s especially beneficial for
those suffering from tired, aged or dull-looking skin. It’s also a wonderful skin treatment alternative for
those with sensitive skin because it isn’t accompanied by the typical red, raw and/or irritated feelings
associated with more intense skin therapies, like microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

We should warn, however, that the effects seem to be best for those with lighter skin tones. If you have
darker skin tones, or if you’re pale but currently have a tan, it’s best to consult with your aesthetician
ahead of time to see if it’s the best treatment for you. Also, those who are pregnant, suffer from high
blood pressure or other types of cardiovascular disease should check-in with their doctor and get their
approval before booking a cryotherapy appointment.

While these treatments are booked as single sessions, and the results are instantaneous, the best and
longest-lasting results take place when clients pair it with other skin therapies/treatments and/or when
they book a finite series of repeating sessions.

Cryotherapy is Remarkably Relaxing
Since most of us have an innate aversion to cold, the idea of a cryotherapy facial (or tank!) can be
off-putting. However, our clients find cryo-facials incredibly soothing. The carbon dioxide sphere is
moved consistently and constantly over the surface of your skin, never resting in one spot long enough
to feel overly cold or uncomfortable.

Are you interested in learning more about cryotherapy facials, or to see if it’s an advisable treatment for
your skin type and/or issues? Contact us here at Skin Deep and one of our talented, licensed
aestheticians will schedule a personal skin care consultation with you.

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