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Why Men Need a Daily Skincare Routine

Why Men Need A Daily Skincare Routine

Skincare isn’t the most popular subject for most men around the world, but that’s starting to change. A growing number of men are becoming interested in taking better care of their skin. A man’s skin deserves daily care; doing so will make his skin feel and look healthier and, for certain, more attractive as the years go by. Keeping skin healthy-looking and smooth means you will look handsome and suave in the short and long term!

Research has shown how you look can be important for your career and dating opportunities. But there are other benefits, too—including some that might not be on your radar:

  • Shaving will be easier, skin won’t look blotchy or red, and you’ll experience fewer ingrown hairs.
  • Fewer breakouts, bumps, dry spots, and oily areas improve looks both in person and in photographs.
  • Renewed confidence! There’s nothing wrong (or unmanly) with looking better, and the change in attitude it brings.

All of these benefits, plus smoother, more even-textured and younger-looking skin, are possible from using a simple, well formulated skincare routine. And don’t worry, this routine won’t take long at all!

Step 1:  Wash morning and evening. This clears excess oil and surface gunk so you’ll get a closer, smoother shave and the other products you apply will work even better. This is an essential step for skin that feels fresh and clean, not tight or dry.

Step 2:  Shave each morning with a fragrance free product or a foaming gel. These types of formulas help shield skin from razor-related problems and post-shave redness. Cream formulas are usually concentrated, so only a thin layer is needed to achieve a close, ultra-smooth shave that leaves skin looking refreshed, not raw and aggravated.

Step 3, AM: Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 50, every day, year-round. Sunscreen is the game-changing step to reduce the risk of early signs of skin aging and other visible changes many men commonly associate with “just getting older.” We won’t even get into the issues of reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Step 3, PM:  Moisturize. After washing your face, apply a lightweight moisturizer packed with ingredients that recharge skin’s appearance such as retinol and antioxidants. Your significant other will notice how much better your skin looks and feels.

No discussion of men’s skincare would be complete without some advice on how to get the best shave. Shaving is the one act that clearly distinguishes a man’s skincare routine from women’s—the rest is mostly marketing to appeal to each gender. This advice will make shaving easier and faster:

  • The best time to shave is at the end of, or immediately following your shower (let personal preference be your guide).
  • Washing your face before shaving helps soften the hairs which makes your shave smoother.
  • Don’t use very hot water as that will aggravate skin, leading to redness and a dry, tight feeling.
  • Use a clean razor and shave in the direction of your hair growth, using short strokes.
  • If you find you need to shave in the opposite direction of hair growth (such as for whiskers on your neck), do so slowly and gently.
  • Be sure to rinse your razor often and replace every few shaves.
  • Run your hands over your face and neck to ensure that you haven’t missed any areas.
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