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Women Shaving Face: Does Shaving Make You Look Younger?

Women Shaving Face: Does Shaving Make You Look Younger?

Dermaplaning to look younger is a fantastic professional skincare treatment that is a little bit like shaving. Have you noticed that men who shave seem to experience fewer signs of aging on those areas of their face? While science hasn’t given us a definitive answer to this anecdotal evidence, we do know that daily exfoliation is key to putting your best face forward.

Dermaplaning to look younger: “Shave Face” is an Age-Old Trick

If getting your own razor and shaving side by side with your partner doesn’t appeal, we don’t blame you. The last thing you want is an unintentional nick that causes a blemish or becomes difficult to hide via makeup. Instead, many women are taking this age-old trick straight to their aesthetician and booking bi-monthly dermaplaning appointments.

Dermaplaning has taken the essence of shaving and has completely feminized the process so it’s gentle and supportive of women’s more delicate skin. Originating from Japan, where kao sori or “shaving facials” are a norm, the process uses a surgical-quality blade (a #10) that is held at a 45-degree angle and smoothly grazed along the skin, against the hair growth pattern.

This treatment should only be performed by licensed and trained skin care professionals, who are experienced at dermaplaning techniques.

Dermaplaning is different from shaving

While there are similarities between shaving and dermaplaning – they are not the same. Shaving requires wet skin and a lubricating layer between the blade and the face. While this does exfoliate a bit, it is not nearly as thorough as having dry skin and the dexterous, experienced hands of a professional with a #10 blade.

Also, razors are designed specifically for the contours of the lower face, so women trying to completely shave their face wind up with unsightly (and painful) nicks, burns and cuts on features such as the forehead, the nose or around the eyes, which standard razors aren’t designed to glide over.

For this reason, we recommend keeping dermaplaning to the professionals and only using a home razor in between appointments on the safest parts of the face. Your aesthetician can teach you more about maintenance shaving.

In addition to gently removing unwanted facial hair, dermaplaning is an incredible exfoliator, removing dull, dead skin cells – along with facial hair – so the rejuvenated skin beneath is allowed to shine. This could be one of the reasons Japanese women are known around the world to have such beautiful, smooth and youthful skin.

Myth Buster: Shaving Does Not Cause Hair to Grow Back Thicker

It’s important to note that this process does not cause hair to grow back thicker; that idea is a misconception.

Firstly: Hair growth begins below the skin, in genetically programmed hair follicles. There is nothing you can do at the surface of the skin (shaving, waxing, dying, plucking) that can alter the way these subdermal follicles control hair growth. Therefore, hair that grows back after shaving is identical to the hair that was growing before you shaved.

Secondly: Just as men and women’s skin is different, so is the hair that grows on their face. The downy hair that grows on women’s faces is called vellus hair, and it is very fine and soft. The thicker, coarser hair that grows on men’s faces is called barbarous hair – and is a completely different type of hair altogether. So follicles programmed to grow vellus hair will continue to do so, and follicles that grow barbarous hair will continue to do so – regardless of your facial treatments of choice.

Dermaplaning to look younger: the age-defying benefits

There are several benefits to dermaplaning, and they are the reason why women across the country are booking regular appointments for this luxury exfoliating treatment. First, your skin will be steamed, thoroughly cleansed and completely dried. Then, the dermaplaning process begins.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Exceptional exfoliation. Without any chemicals or invasive procedures, your skin will feel the softest – and glow the brightest – which is why we think dermaplaning to look younger is a great lifestyle choice.
  • Improves products and makeup. All that smooth, even and fresh skin responds exceptionally well to your health and beauty products in the weeks afterward – including your makeup that looks notably better when applied to completely smooth, moisturized and hair-free skin.
  • Zero irritation. Most women, particularly those 40-years and over, have coarser hair growth above their upper-lip, around their mouth and/or on their chins. While waxing is a preferred method for eliminating these unwanted hairs, some women have extremely sensitive skin. In this case, dermaplaning is a safe choice, without any irritating after-effects.
  • It’s a skin treatment as well as a beauty trick. Those who suffer from chronically dry, rough skin, minimal acne scarring, minor skin pigmentation and other skin conditions often find that regular dermaplaning reverses or alleviates these issues and reveals healthier skin with more even tones.

After your dermaplaning session is complete, you may select additional skin treatments to support your fresh layer of skin such as a lymphatic facial massage, personalized nutrient-rich serums, and anti-aging masks.

Are you interested in learning more about dermaplaning to look younger and how it can benefit your skin? Book a consultation with Skin Deep and we’ll provide personalized skin care and beauty tips to help you look your very best.

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